A downloadable game for Windows

Turn on the light is a game made by one person in 4 days for community jam 2019.

In darkness, everything is gonna lie to you.

Use Arrow keys to move, Z for running and X for interacting.

Always notice the light switch on the wall, that's the only thing which could save you from the darkness. The monsters in this place are bloodthirsty, but sometimes they are totally harmless that you can safely walk by.


If you enter room 201, you'll probably die because I made a little mistake... But you can go through the level with total ignorance. So if you what to pass the level, step out from it. 

Also, I'm sorry that the sound of the door is a little broken... I really don't have time to fix it.

This game is totally unfinished, I'm still working on it and will upload a new version after voting, so feedback, suggestions or anything you want to tell about the game are welcomed. Also, don't forget to rate here.


original version 17 MB


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Played this as part of a multi game video, this one starts at 6:07. I really liked this! Very unique and simple yet so very terrifying! 

hi. just wanted to let you know "Turn on the lights" was featured on the Indie Hunters Best of 2019 stream. it received an award for Best Horror Game With Little Girl(s) (3:28:07) and mentions for Scariest Game (1:31:07) and Best Enemies/Monsters (3:15:50)

this was a great game that really stood out with its excellent art style. and it was one of the best games out of the 600+ jam games i played. i look forward to any future development on the game. it would be really neat to see

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Sorry for I broke my word about new version after voting because I have a really important test on 21th September, and there's still some unfinished progress. I'm sure I'll upload before October, sorry again!

its alright :) besides i had a lot fun playing the game! left me speechless. 

Game was good, some things need fixing like the drawer being in front of the light switch. It was hard for me to turn it on because I kept trying to open the drawer instead.

But it was a good game. liked it!

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


I honestly wish this game was longer. It has one hell of an interesting gameplay mechanic and the idea itself is solid. I only wish I could have faced off against the mama tree.

Anywho, here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Thanks! I'll upload a longer version after voting

Very intense game! Very relatable seeing menacing shapes in the dark

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Thanks! I failed to build a Web version before submission deadline, a Gameplay video is really helpful. I truly appreciate it!

Nice game!

The game has a very good concept to it that would definitely be a great foundation for a longer experience with more scope. 

The use of the light mechanic was fairly engaging, but there definitely could of been more atmospheric and horror oriented uses of the play on dark and light instead of it almost purely being tied to the danger and puzzle elements of the game. The creatures were neat although seeing the table woman so clearly in the light spoiled the contrast of her being dangerous in the dark, since you can clearly see that she isn't furniture when the lights are on.

The audio and story were generally the weakest parts of the game. It would of been more impactful if the ambient rumble in the background only played when the lights are off. There wasn't really any story to it and what little dialogue was there didn't make any sense. Room 202 seemed especially unforgiving and required a fair amount of trial and error to get through.

The ending was awkward as you can clearly see the tall women walking past the protagonist before the lights go off and even when they do the game still is clearly running. There also doesn't seem to be a way to actually close the game afterwards.

This is great as a demo slash proof of concept and would certainly be intriguing to see it expanded into a longer game with a story, using the dark and light for more atmospheric and horror oriented events instead of just dangers and having more cohesive audio overall.

You should also try adding more tags to the game and making it browser playable if possible, as both those things will significantly increase the amount of plays it gets.

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Thanks! After I created the level that you met another girl, there were only few hours for the following levels. I don't have time to write any story line anymore because it would require more coding and sound effects, it should be playable immediately after I throw prefabs in the map. When it came to the tall women there are only ten minutes left. So I tatally gave it up, write little code and sumbit immediately, even no time to build a webGL version. The ending is awkward because there should be 'Thank you for playing' on the screen and I didn't have time to do that. I spent too much time on arts and shader, but most of them are useless without levels and storys. Especially the shader works fantastic to bind pixel arts and other art styles together, so I have lots of ways to tell a story, but in the end there aren't any other art style. Consequently the game turned from a horror game into a puzzle game in the middle, and the game emotion is ruined. After a long sleep I rethought everything and felt really unsatisfied and disappointed. I think I will build a team to finish the game. The concept is still good, but the game needs to be recontructed totally.