Imagine a lonely water sprite living in a borderless desert... ... Luckily you have the plants to keep you company. However, the plants needs water to grow up, and the only water source is YOUR OWN BODY. What's more, you have to defend your garden from the endless monsters in the night, and your only weapon is also the liquid inside you. How long can you survive, when the only resource is the current inside you?

Plant seeds into the soil, and water them, they will bear fruits in the following days. The fruits can either rehydrate the water sprite or give you permanent buffs. Defeats the monsters in the night to find more seeds.

How to Play 

In the Days: Use WASD to move. Move near a cube of soil to plant seeds. You should water them so that they can bear fruits in the following days. CLICK THE CLOCK in the bottom-right, when you are ready, to enter the night.

In the Nights: Use WASD to move. Hold left mouse button to shoot bullets. Click right mouse button to throw bombs towards the cursor.\


Use right click wisely.  Water bomb can do AOE damage but will cost you considerable health in the begining period.

Don't  water all the seeds you have.  Make sure you have a good health bar for the night fight.

100 HP is not maximun health. The character have 3 states with different full health.


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